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Organising any special occasion or event can be a stressful time, if you don’t know what you’re doing. Whether it’s a wedding, engagement party, business meeting, Christmas party or birthday party, there are many aspects involved to ensuring a successful event. Without the right references and recommendations, it’s only too easy to end up dealing with a company that doesn’t meet your needs and expectations, and this could result in an unexciting or even ruined special occasion or event.

Luckily, the team here at Ictimaitv Event Planners are here to help. Our team of event planners have been helping local Melbourne residents organise wonderful, exciting and stress-free events since the early nineties. With several decades of experience between the team, they have a strong understanding of what it takes to organise, plan and carry out a truly successful event.

Our team focus on creating events to remember – we want your guests to be talking about your special occasion for weeks, even months! We’ll listen to all of your needs, requirements as well as your designated budget and work with you to create the perfect event that you have in mind.

We understand that there are people out there who are organising their event on a budget, and we want to help those people too. Throughout this website, we will provide a number of tips and tricks to planning the perfect event – so that if you don’t have the budget to hire our event planning services, you have what you need to start planning yourself.

Event Planning in Melbourne


Experts in event planning in Melbourne

Planning memorable events is what we specialise in! We’ve helped organise thousands of events – from 21st birthday parties and wedding receptions to family get togethers and work dos – we’ve done them all! Our team are highly experienced in the industry and have the knowledge and expertise to transform your dream special occasion into a reality.

Before contacting us to help plan your event in Melbourne, we strongly advise you work out what sort of budget you have available. This will speed up the process and allow us to give our best recommendations. The Endless Entertainment website offers a handy event budget planning here.

Melbourne Event Planning


What’s involved in organising a perfect event?

Whether you’re planning the event yourself or hiring our specialist event planning services, it’s good to get an idea about everything that is involved in organising a perfect event. Here are the main factors involved with your event planning:

The Venue

Where you host your event is one of the most important aspects of planning a successful event. The venue will need to be easy for people to access, so ideally in a central location (this works well with people who are using public transport). Venues that offer packages – i.e. they can take care of the catering, equipment hire and accommodation – can make organising your event much easier, as you are only dealing with one company as oppose to several. A local Melbourne Function Centre that we’ve worked with many times in the past is the Treacy Centre – they offer packages for a range of special occasions, and we highly recommend them.

The Food & Beverages

What you serve to your guests can make a huge overall impact on the success of your event. It’s important to have both variety and the right quantity of food and beverages, so hire a catering company that has a range of menu options to select from. To keep costs down, you can organise beverages yourself – is a great website where you can buy alcohol online for under retail price.

The Entertainment

Having the right entertainment at your event will keep guests happy (and preoccupied if you need to leave the venue for wedding photos!). There are a range of entertainment options available that will suit all kinds of special occasions. The most popular choice of event entertainment is to hire a band or singer. The Instinct Events & Entertainment website has a range of entertainers in Melbourne to choose from – you can even listen to examples of their music online!

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